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Why Do We Snore ?

Snoring causes are the sound produced when one is asleep. You Snoring causes when the tissues on your throat vibrates as you take in some air, which usually happens with a blocked air way passage is Causes of snoring.

While this might come in various notions, soft and most of the time loud, this is not necessarily something we always complain about unless it disturbs others’ sleep. Often times, we snore simply because of exhaustion or just sleep deprived. But what this sign tells you is that, more often than not, you are experience some health issues.

What Causes of Snoring?

There are multiple reasons why we snore. And we have listed a few to help you be aware of what causes your snoring.

#1 Obesity

One alarming causes of snoring is Obesity. When you have too many extra tissues in your throat, they tend to vibrate more when you take in air while sleeping.

While having an excess of tissue does not mean one is obese all time for pregnant women and genetic factors contribute to this factor as well, this might just be a good indicator to help you get up and start a healthier lifestyle.

#2 Allergies that produces nasal problems

When you are having a cold or flu that will prevent you from taking in air through your nose, you might experience snoring during your sleep. This causes of snoring is not as alarming as obesity but will certainly signal you that a bad flu or cold is coming for you.

#3 Drinking alcohol

Snoring causes can also be caused of snoring when you throat is too relaxed. Causes of Snoring Anything you take in that relaxes the muscle or tissues on your throat can result to snoring as well, and alcohol is one of them.

#4 Smoking and taking in medicines for muscle relaxation

Just as Snoring causes #3, prolonged smoking will make your throat tissues too relaxed.

#5 Sleeping with a soft pillow and lying on your back

Studies show that sleeping on your back contributes to Snoring causes as well as this position promotes a possible blockage of air during your sleep.

How will I know that I snore last night?

While many might confront you because of your loud snore last night, you cannot help but wonder why when you can’t even remember doing so?

Here is a quick guide to give you a hint on whether or not you snored last night.

#1 You woke up coughing

If you can remember waking up last night and coughed a few times, then you might just have experienced a blockage of air passage. And this is one good sign that you definitely snored last night.

#2 When you tend to be so sleepy during morning

Snoring takes a little of your energy even when you are sleeping and trying to gain them back. When you snore, your body tends to be a little active to ensure that you are still getting the right amount of air to fight back the blockage.

#3 Easily irritable, moody, difficulty in concentrating and depresses

When you tend to be a little sensitive during the day, then this might be a good sign that you did not have an adequate sleep last night. One Snoring causes could be your snoring activity.
snoring causes

While causes of snoring might not necessarily mean that you are having a serious health issue, doing actions to prevent snoring might just be a good call for you to not put your health on the line.

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